Loquito Por Ti actress gave up having children and tells her story

Surely your head is spinning, thinking who is that actress from Loquito Por Ti, because we know they think of many options. It is about Luces Velásquez, many admire her profession, charisma and talent.

Luces Velásquez has been working in acting for a long time. She has participated in very successful productions, including ‘Sin senos si hay paradise’ and ‘Yo soy Betty, la fea’

In an interview in Lo Se Todo, she recounted a very sad experience that she lived through and that led her to give up having more children.

The actress lived in Brazil for 5 years with Jaime Lozada, her husband, who is a renowned Colombian surgeon, and who at that time was studying a postgraduate degree. But being there, the two went through a difficult time.

“Due to life circumstances, I lost two children. That is why my husband decided that it was time to return (to Colombia)”, confessed the artist.

Despite this event, Velásquez became pregnant again and had an abortion when she was barely two months old, so she told Lozada: “I don’t want anymore”. However, shortly after, in one of his check-ups he found that she was pregnant with her daughter Oriana.

In the end, the actress and her husband were able to have their daughter and achieve the family they wanted. Apparently they will only stay with her.

Sad stories that we don’t know about some celebrities, but that over time they are encouraged to tell and so we can understand that in the end we are all normal human beings.

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