Look at Bertha’s baby in ‘Betty, the ugly’, baby!

This is what the actress who played Bertha’s baby looks like in Ugly Betty. Incredible! You won’t believe who it is.

if you saw I am Betty the Ugly oneor if you are repeating it these days, surely you remember the stir it caused Bertha’s pregnancyone of the members of El cuartel de las feas.

She is Bertha’s baby in Ugly Betty

What not many people know is that the actress who played Bertha, Luces Velásquez, was actually pregnant during the recording; Y the one who played his daughter was his own offspring: Oriana Lozada.

Oriana is a very discreet girl, who has kept away from the world of entertainment, and who she inherited her mother’s characteristic beautiful eyes.

At the time of publication of this note, he had just graduated from high school and was starting his university life; despite the fact that her mother put her in dance and theater courses since she was little, decided to study medicine.


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