Listen to the new Ventino ‘To not wait for you anymore’

‘To not wait for you anymore’ is the new Ventino, one of our favorite female groups and preferred by Vibra 104.9fm listeners.

Natalia Afanador, Maria Cristina de Angulo (Makis), Olga Vives and Camila Esguerra They give us a new song after the success achieved with their song ‘Esta Vez’.

It is a very special song for us, because it is one of the only ones that we have not written in its entirety. When we heard it it was amazing. We connect with her in a very personal way and we feel very VENTINO.

Ventino on the new musical proposal for ‘Para no waiting for you anymore’.

Premiere: To not wait for you anymore, the new Ventino

«To not wait for you anymore» It was written by Kexxy by Kexxy Pardo and was sent to the band a year and a half ago, however, due to pandemic issues, the Ventino girls could not work on the project until now.

When we received the song we recorded it in our own voices, we included a new part and so in a very genuine way it perfectly complemented this new sound.

Makis De Angulo and Camila Esguerra about the production of ‘To not wait for you anymore’.

For Ventino, this song is the sample of a new musical proposal in which they appear much more authentic, imposing and real.

Regarding her look, Olga Vives commented that were inspired by singer Christina Aguilera and the influences of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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