Liss Pereira’s «revenge» on Masterchef Celebrity

It is no secret to anyone that this season of Master Chef Celebrity It has been one of the most controversial, because its participants always give something to talk about.

However, in the most recent chapters it has been seen that «the four babies» as they call themselves Carla Giraldo, Catalina Maya, Marbelle and Viña Machado have been in the sights of viewers. Well, not only have they been favored for their preparations but they have also had differences with other contestants such as Liss Pereira.

What did Liss Pereira do in Master Chef Celebrity that viewers feel “a chill”?

It turns out that since it hadn’t happened for a long time, this time the group of Liss Pereira, Freddy Beltrán, Frank and Diego Camargo shone with their preparations and therefore obtained several benefits. Which allowed Liss to get the immunity pin that also allowed her to determine which of her teammates would cook with one or another buff.

Thus, the comedian greatly benefited her companions, which harmed «the four babies» They ended up making some mistakes. For this reason, Carla and Catalina turned out with a black apron, which was applauded by several followers in the program, assuring in networks that they felt “a cool”.

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