Liss Pereira revealed what she likes least about being a mom

Through a dynamic with his followerss, Liss Pereira revealed what she likes least about being a mother, in addition to other secrets of her family life.

The charismatic comedian from Cucuta, who these days is fighting for his position in the final of the controversial reality show MasterChef Celebrity beside Viña Machado, Gregorio Pernía, Carla Giraldo and Frank Martínezrecently opened the question box through Instagram stories to interact with his followers and talk about other issues unrelated to the program.

There, several of his followers asked him questions about his family life, his career, his role as the mother of little Ignacio, his relationship with fellow comedian Ricardo Quevedo, among others, to which he gave several answers that surprised more than one.

This is how Liss Pereira revealed what she likes least about being a mother. She told the truth!

One of them was about what attracted him most about his partner, (to whom he said yes a few weeks ago after a romantic marriage proposal he made during a trip to Cancun) to which he replied:

“What I like the most, her smile, that nice pretty and tasty mug she has. And also what makes me fall in love the most is her wisdom, her heart and the beautiful patience she has for me”.

Later he revealed that if he had not been a comedian he would have become an architect and with forceful gestures he stated that he would not participate in any reality show again, but without a doubt, the answer that attracted the most attention was when they asked him about what more and what less She liked motherhood, because in this regard she was very sincere and openly expressed:

“What I like most about being a mother is my son, who is a note and I like him very much. What I like least about being a mom is being a mom at this time where now everything is perfect and everything is competitive and I have to answer: “Hahaha wonderful, every second of motherhood is perfect. Pure shit*%$”

The comedian’s responses were taken by an account dedicated to sharing celebrity content, where some were very much in agreement with her words.

Here the video:

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