Liss made fun of Carla’s attitude and compared her to a school girl

Without mincing words, Liss made fun of Carla’s attitude and compared her to a school girl for how he behaved when something did not go well with him.

In short, the discord between the renowned comedian and the controversial paisa actress seems to have no end, because after the various fights and confrontations that they have starred in throughout their participation in the reality show MasterChef Celebrity and trying to have a relationship as close as possible distant and diplomatic as possible, it has been shown that they are not tolerated at all.

An example of this occurred during the episodes of last weekend, because in them the celebrities had to compete to gain time to make their preparations. In these tests, the paisa did not do very well and she had a «bad loser» attitude that annoyed the comedian quite a bit.

Well, before the jury’s qualification, the actress began to jump and wiggle, sarcastically expressing that she «felt very affected», implying that the chefs’ disapproval meant nothing to her. This caused annoyance in the comedian from Cucuta, who launched several criticisms against her in an individual interview.

Liss made fun of Carla’s attitude and compared her to a school girl. She even ‘mimicked’ her!

There, Pereira stated that the actress seemed like a «peladita» from the mamona school and repellent because of her way of acting and even later imitated her saying: «When she feels insecure, she defends herself by saying: ‘They haven’t kicked me out, what do I care’“, which generated all kinds of comments.

Here are their statements:

It should be noted that in recent days during a podcast, the cucuteña revealed that while recording the program she realized that one of her classmates referred to her with a horrible nickname, and although she did not say name or gender, many presume that it would be Giraldo and her friends, ‘The 4 babys’.

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