Lindsay Lohan removed half a finger like this… (Photos)

The blonde had an accident trying to navigate a boat by herself, apparently she lost control and something else, a situation that took her directly to the operating room to have her finger reconstructed, what an impression!

This was announced by the actress, through her Snapchatwhere he published the image of his finger and a small explanation of what happened:

“This is the result after it occurred to me to try to run the ship by myself. My poor finger. I almost lost it because of the anchor. Well actually I’ve lost about half, but thank God we found the missing piece. I had to go through the operating room to reconstruct it. It hurts much».

The accident took place near the coast in Turkey, when she bent down to pick up the anchor, she got entangled and was dragged into the water with it, while that happened, the anchor cut her fingertip. Although her friends found the finger on the deck of the boat, Lindsay almost lost it entirely.

TMZleaked an image on the finger of the actress, before undergoing emergency surgery:

Despite the terrible moment, the actress has not stopped making jokes about it, so much so that in a recent selfie Lindsay wrote at the bottom of the image: “Taking selfie with one hand”.

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Taken from LauraG.TV