Lincoln Palomeque and Salvador are identical, that’s what they say on networks

For a couple of photos that the actor shared with his followers through his Instagram account, some say that Lincoln Palomeque and Salvadorhis second son, are two drops of water.

Salvador Palomeque Cruz is the second son of Lincoln and Caro Cruzone of the most stable couples in Colombian entertainment, as they have been together since 2014. The baby is four years younger than his brother Matías and was highly desired, since the presenter lost a pregnancy a couple of years after the birth of her eldest son .

These are the photos of Lincoln Palomeque and Salvador

Some followers of the actor criticized him because he supposedly did not upload photos of his second son to his social networks and asked him why he did not, however, what happens is that he was recording several productions at the same time and that temporarily kept him away from his family.

That is why they showered him with praise and congratulations when he posted on his official Instagram account @lincpal a couple of comparative images of Salvador and himself when he was 5 months old, the age of the baby at the time of publication of this note. The post quickly reached more than 186 thousand likes.

«I’ll tell you something that happened to me, speaking yesterday with my aunt Luisita she told me… I received you when you were born and you are just like Salvador!»

He wrote next to the following photos…

In addition to the nice words they wrote to him in the comments, many of his followers assured him that what Lincoln’s aunt said was true and that he and his baby are identical. We share some of what they told him:

What do you think? Is Salvador really just like his father Lincoln Palomeque, as they say on the networks? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!