Lincoln Palomeque and Carolina Cruz share their new reality on networks

Since Lincoln Palomeque and Carolina Cruz made their separation publicmany wonder how they will manage their time with their children.

It was precisely during the Holy Week bridge that the celebrity couple shared what the moments will be like now to share with their children.

Each one in their social networks decided to share how they spent the holidaysLincoln with Matías and Carolina with Salvador.

This was the vacation of Lincoln Palomeque and Carolina Cruz

With a photograph without a shirt and showing the tattoo of the name of Matías, Lincoln thanked for the days spent with his eldest son.

He also recently shared with Caro on Matías’s birthday, event in which they demonstrated to be more united by their childrenmore than before their separation.

For its part, Carolina Cruz also made several publications with little Salvador, in which he stated that this was his new reality during family days.

Though he could not hide that he needed the company of his eldest sonHowever, she has been able to endure this process thanks to her friend Carolina Soto.

The two publications attracted attention and although they divided opinions, they also received the support of their followers for the way they are assuming their new reality.

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