Lina Tejeiro was the target of ridicule and criticism for «not knowing how to dance»

Recently, Lina Tejeiro was the target of ridicule and criticism for «not knowing how to dance» to the rhythm of a TikTok challenge. Even she herself admitted that she is not very good!

The beautiful actress and influencer, who in days gone by was a trend in social networks for the funny drunkenness he had during the opening party of Rancho MX (the exclusive restaurant bar of Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno) and the subsequent guava that he suffered the next day, from which Internet users unleashed a whole rain of memesagain gave something to talk about but this time for a topic related to his skills on the dance floor.

It is no secret to anyone that the llanera is one of the celebrities with the greatest interaction on social networks, because there she not only publishes sensual photographs and videos with which she drools more than one, but also constantly shares details of her day to day, anecdotes and funny moments with which his followers have been able to learn more about his incredible personality.

One of its most outstanding characteristics, in addition to its undeniable beauty, is his great sense of humor, because through TikToks and other videos he has shown that he knows very well how to entertain and make his fans burst into laughter. He did so recently with a recording that he shared on his networks, where despite wanting to show his most sensual facet, he ended up generating a whole wave of ridicule.

In networks, Lina Tejeiro was the target of ridicule and criticism for «not knowing how to dance»

In the video, the actress wanted to join one of the popular challenges that invade social networks these days, performing a choreography to the rhythm of the song ‘Touch It’ of Kidi. But although she wore a top and tiny shorts that set the imagination of many flying, His movements were the ones that stole the entire show, as many considered them «not very sensual and very funny.»

After publishing his video, it appeared through stories mocking «her attempted dance» and accepting that she’s «very stiff» as long as she’s not drunkWell, he even assured that as soon as he drinks a few tequilas «his hip loosens.»

In the same way, he shared some of the teasing and comments he received from his fans, who assured that “dance plus a loose tooth”.

Here the images of his choreography:

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