Lina Tejeiro was honest and between tears she spoke about Andy Rivera

Lina Tejeiro was honest yeBetween tears he spoke of Andy Rivera. His confessions stunned his followers.

It should be remembered that a few months ago some photographs of the actress and singer were released in Cancun, what he implied that the couple was back.

Lina Tejeiro was honest and between tears she spoke about Andy Rivera

During these days of quarantine, The actress and influencer Lina Tejeiro has been very active on her social networks. In them, she has shared some of her beauty tips, stories from her day to day, and funny TikTok videos.

However, in the last few hours made a revealing live broadcast in which he confessed several unpublished details of his sentimental life, which left their fans quite surprised. Nobody expected it!

Well, in the recording, one of his followers asked him about Andy Rivera, his ex-boyfriend, to which the actress responded by telling the whole story of why, despite having searched for him, they had definitely finishedshowing how affected she was by it.

Initially the actress confessed that she had tried to get back with the singer, so they decided to take a trip to try to fix things. But, although they spent time together, The negative comments of their haters prevented the relationship from returning to what it was before.

Because they finished?

Lina said that his initial break with Rivera was due to an omission on the part of the singer. She claimed that this made her very angry, so they stayed away from her for months.

During this time, she met Norman Capuozzo through networks, a man who, according to his account, he dazzled her with his chivalry and attentiveness.

Despite the great moments she lived with the Venezuelan businessman, the protagonist of the law of the heart confessed that both began to have differences regarding the work of the actressso the relationship came to an end.

After this breakup, Lina Tejeiro decided to spend time alone. FIt was there where she realized that her feelings for Andy had not healedso he decided to look for it.

Although I had been with another person, I was not so happy and content (…) for many my relationship with Andy was toxic, but in reality we were very happy, we laughed a lot; that is something that I had not found in another person, and I know that it will be very difficult to find it (…) I realized that I still loved him very much

Lina Tejeiro on Instagram.

“I deleted the first message, but later I wrote to him again and he already saw it (…) I apologized for having made my previous relationship public, because I know that it hurt him a lot”

At that moment they decided to try again, but social pressure and comments like «horny» by Internet users made the singer give upa decision that, although it causes the actress a lot of pain, she fully respects.

“It was not achieved or worked because he did not want to. That’s the truth. It was tried for a while as it turned out, we went to Cancun together, but it is very difficult when something as public as my previous relationship had already been done. People are mean, people are cruel and make very hurtful comments.»

Lina Tejeiro on Instagram.

Finally, Lina Tejeiro stated that these were the consequences of having started a relationship without having healed his heart.

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