Lina Tejeiro revealed her reaction to seeing her ex and more details

Through a curious video, Lina Tejeiro revealed her reaction to seeing her ex and more spicy details of her private life. His confessions surprised many!

The beautiful actress and influencer from the plains, who in recent days has received all kinds of criticism and comments for the publication of a video in which he showed in detail each of the corners of his luxurious mansion, is giving something to talk about again but this time for the spicy confessions he recently made about his private life. How?

Well, through a curious video of more than 6 minutes, which she shared through her official Instagram account, the researcher of the entertainment program ‘Who is the mask?’ She decided to make several revelations regarding her love and sexual life, with which she left more than one speechless.

Lina Tejeiro revealed her reaction to seeing her ex and more spicy details through a curious video

The spicy questions were asked by her more than 8 million followers through a dynamic in Instagram stories, where the actress herself asked that they be quite uncomfortable in order to play a kind of «truth or dare», well if not He replied that he should eat a very spicy wing.

Most of them dealt with very private topics such as their love relationships, their tastes in bed or if they would dare to fulfill certain fantasies. However, there were some responses that caused a stir.

One of them was how long it takes «in summer», before which he confessed that he only had 3 months. This caught her attention a lot because since her last relationship with the singer Andy Rivera, she has not been related to another man.

Later they asked him if he would sleep with another woman, so he decided not to answer and ate a wing. From 11 to 10, he confessed that he was a 69 in bed and that he lost his virginity before he was 15. But of all the answers, the one that attracted the most attention was the one that touched on the subject of his ex, because a follower asked “ What did you feel at the party when you saw your ex?”, referring to the party that his endocrine would have given, in which he accidentally ran into Rivera.

To this Tejeiro replied:

“The truth, obviously, as soon as I heard it, I squeezed my buttocks. I told myself, Andrés arrived, but when I greeted him and saw him I remembered why we weren’t together and it happened to me «

Here all his confessions:

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