Lina Tejeiro responded to criticism for kisses with Aída and Epa Colombia

with strong words, Lina Tejeiro responded to criticism for her kisses with Aída and Epa Colombia and sent a message of solidarity with LGTBIQ + groups.

In recent days, the renowned actress and influencer Lina Tejeiro has been the target of all kinds of attacks, criticism and bad comments due to the kisses she had with the businesswoman Epa Colombia and the influencer Aída Victoria Merlano, as many saw it «quite unpleasant” and “inconceivable”. How about this!

The first of them, which was with the controversial Daneidy Barrera (first name of Epa Colombia) occurred during the ostentatious party she held for her 30th birthday on October 9, with which the actress fulfilled the dream of her friend to kiss her.

Later, during a meeting in Medellín, the Barranquilla content creator told the actress that she had also kissed at her celebration, something that apparently, due to the drinks, Lina did not remember. But it was not the only one! Well, during a batch of photos at an event attended by both, Merlano took the opportunity to steal a kiss from Tejeiro again.

All this, of course, unleashed a shower of reactions and comments in which many expressed that they did not see anything wrong with him, since it was only a demonstration of affection between the friends. However, many others were totally against it, throwing insults and even death threats against the actress.

Lina Tejeiro responded to criticism for her kisses with Aída and Epa Colombia

Although at first Lina took both the kisses and the reactions of her fans with humor, in the face of threats and other attacks she could not keep silent, for which she decided to speak out in the last few hours.

Through stories on her Instagram account, the artist said she felt sad and terrible at the controversy that her demonstrations of affection with people of the same gender had unleashed, because she did not see anything strange and it was not something from the other world. She expressed that she has received all kinds of manifestations of hatred and that they have stopped following her, but the most serious thing is that some have come to wish her death.

In this regard, he jokingly stated that giving two friends two beaks was not bad and that he was also not to blame for being so irresistible and that everyone wanted to steal kisses from him, because it got out of hand, however, this did not mean that he was going to «distribute picks in the street with everyone».

Solidarity with LGBTIQ groups

Later, he made a profound reflection on the normalization of hate, scandals, fights and gossip and what it costs society to normalize kisses between people of the same gender, as he said that «we are backwards, because we still do not understand that the Love can be manifested and expressed in different ways.”

Finally, he expressed solidarity with LGBTIQ+ groups and expressed that right now he understands why it is so difficult for someone to “come out” in the face of the accusations and accusations of others.

Here are their statements:

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