Lina Tejeiro reappeared to tell that she had COVID again

With short videos Lina Tejeiro reappeared on networks to tell that she had COVID again. He also took the opportunity to send some hints to his ex, Andy Rivera. OMG!

days after finish the recordings of his new leading role (of which until now it is only known that it belongs to a Dago García production) mysteriously the Colombian actress and influencerHe disappeared from social networks without giving further explanations.

Lina Tejeiro reappeared on networks to tell that she had COVID again

La llanera is one of the most active Colombian celebrities on platforms such as Instagram, for which her low profile alerted her followers. Many speculated about a possible new project for which she was preparing or that the actress was simply ill, however, none of this had been denied or confirmed… Until a few hours ago!

Well, the same artist reappeared through Instagram stories to reveal once and for all why had she been so lost?

In the short clips, she recounted that during the time she was away she received hundreds of private messages in which his fans asked him if he had covid, to which he answered yes.

He detailed that for the second time she was infected with the virus but this time it had hit her hard, because in September of last year he discovered through a blood test that he had antibodies in his body (which implied that had had coronavirus but had been asymptomatic).

Although initially he assured that he had suffered mild symptoms, he later reconsidered the discomforts he had had and He admitted that it was pretty bad. He even posted a picture of himself taking nebulizations to treat the strong cough that he had had.

But it was not only her who was affected, as she stated that her mother, the lady who helps her with the housework and coincidentally even her dogs had fallen ill, but He guaranteed that everyone was already well and had tested negative.

He also took advantage of his reappearance to answer some hints from his ex, Andy Rivera

After talking about her illness, the plainswoman decided to speak out on a topic about which several of her followers had been writing: Andy Rivera.

In the videos, she said that she took advantage of the time she was away from the networks to reflect, think and see many things on social networks, for which He asked his fans not to believe in everything or what they see theresince he indicated that “people like to play with the feelings of other people and take advantage of that to generate more followers, reproductions or views”.

Apparently he was referring to the statements that Andy Rivera had recently given, in which he said What was your inspiration for your new song “I need you”.

«Inspiration is from the feeling when that person is no longer there, when you need them and as much as you want to replace them, you can’t.»

Finally the actress asked her fans to «turn the page» and stop continuing to feed that topic so that they stop taking advantage and generate more content. «What happened happened».

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