Lina Tejeiro made her followers zoom in on her recent photo

the actress of “A tail with a heart” Lina Tejeiro put more than one follower to zoom after posting a photo in see-through lingerie.

Lina who recently had an interview with the Vibra en las Mañanas team exhibited her great body wearing a white thong with transparencies.

Photography already has on Instagram more than half a million «I like it» and almost 5 thousand comments in which everyone clearly highlights its beauty.

With this photo Lina Tejeiro made her followers zoom

The most daring zoomed in to try to see their crotch and while others searched for items that could belong to his ex Andy Rivera.

Wow 🔥🔥 what 🍑🍑🍑

Ayyy my mother the bug 😍😍

I come to scan the bathroom.. hahaha

Me: Wepajeee fotaza 😍 – People: Zooming in to see what Andy comes out there 😂

Comments on Lina’s post.

just a few days ago during a LIVE on her Instagram account Lina showed some belongings which followers associated with singer Andy Rivera.

Let’s remember that Lina constantly generates fun and entertaining content on her social networks and that thanks to them he got his role in the tape that was released recently.

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