Lina Tejeiro made fun of the situation her father faces for drugs

through stories, Lina Tejeiro made fun of the situation her father faces for drugs seized involving him.

Last October 17 General Ricardo Alarcón (Antinarcotics Director of the National Police) announced through a video that agents had managed to seize a ton of cocaine, which was being transported in a jet ski in Buenaventura.

In his statement he explained that said shipment came from Guayaquil, Ecuador and its destination was the city of Valencia, Spain. Although many highlighted the importance of this blow to drug trafficking, the news became even more important when the uniformed man added that this linked the father of a renowned actress from the national show business.

At the time, the announcement generated a whole wave of speculation and comments from hundreds of Internet users, however, it was not certain who it was… Until Thursday the 18th, when a renowned journalist announced who would be responsible! !

Lina Tejeiro made fun of the situation her father faces for seized drugs that link him

Well, according to the controversial entertainment journalist, Graciela Torres, better known as the ‘Negra Candela’, the subject would be none other than Manuel Eduardo González, the father of the renowned actress and influencer Lina Tejeiro.

This of course unleashed a whole wave of reactions on social networks where of course the bad comments and ridicule have not been long in coming, as many even compared their situation with that of the controversial comedian Alejandra Azcárate, because her husband was seen involved in the transport of a drug shipment by air.

Given the fact, both the actress and her family have remained silent and have not made further statements. Only Andrés Tejeiro (brother of the llanera) did it, who assured in networks that everything was false, since his father had just left work for an important oil company.

The actress does not seem to suffer from the rumors

Despite the seriousness of what could be happening with her father (it is not yet confirmed), it seems that the actress is not worried. Well, through her networks she has shown herself as if nothing was happening and she even posted two stories during a trip she made in the last few hours to Brazil, where she joked about escaping from the popular program «Airport Alert» and about be crying

This has been applauded by his most faithful admirers, who assure that «he who owes nothing, fears nothing», because neither his attitude, nor his agenda or his life have been affected by what his father supposedly faces.

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