Lina Tejeiro in Vibra talked about her work in the cinema

the beautiful actress He joined us in the #VibraenlasMañanas program and talked about his most recent project. Watch Lina Tejeiro’s interview on Vibra.

Line that He is currently promoting the movie ‘A tail with a heart’ shared his experience during the recording process of his first film production.

She was lucky at the time of the casting because she didn’t have to do it thanks to her experience and for the work that she constantly shares on her social networks.

How is a stubby man? Lina Tejeiro in Vibra responds

Lina’s character is called ‘Carolina Rico‘ and will be in charge of taking out ‘cheo’a guy who is ‘tailless’ with the neighbors of the place in the east where he lives.

the actress who was also working on the production ‘Who is the mask’ of the RCN channel she had to split her time to record and learn Pole Dancing for her role in the film.

Have you seen the Lina Tejeiro movie? ‘A tail with a heart’? Share your opinion in the comments.

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