Lina Tejeiro had an accident with her dress and almost shows too much

During the Instafest awards, Lina Tejeiro had a funny accident with her dress and almost showed what she wasn’t wearing underneath. OMG!

On December 19, the long-awaited delivery of the Instafest 2021 Awards took place, a ceremony that recognizes the talent, influence and large number of followers of various figures of the national show business in the digital area, especially on the platform of Instagram.

The event, which took place at the Estelar Hotel in the city of Cartagena, was attended by various personalities such as Yeferson Cossio, Andrea Valdiri, La Jesuu, the champeta singers Mister Black and Yuranis León, the actor Gregorio Pernía, Aída Victoria Merlano, Epa Colombia, Mateo Cavajal and Lina Tejeiro.

One of the issues that most caught the attention of the public, in addition to the awards, were the wise and unwise outfits worn by celebrities, because although some were applauded, others were harshly criticized.

One of the stars who won the praise of her followers with her look was the actress Lina Tejeiro, who wore a stunning dress in shades of fuchsia and orange with a sensual leg opening that revealed her indisputable beauty. However, although she was one of the best dressed of the night, she suffered a minor accident in which she narrowly revealed what she was (or wasn’t) wearing under her. OMG!

Lina Tejeiro had a funny accident with her dress and was captured in this video

The curious moment occurred while she and her great friend, Dahiana Staitry, posed for some photos and stories. In the midst of laughter they made some jokes and even flung the tails of their dresses, but due to the opening of her outfit to the groin, Lina Tejeiro almost showed too much.

Although she did not notice immediately, a voice in the background told the plainswoman to be careful (because under her dress she apparently was not wearing anything), to which she burst out laughing and responded by saying: “they saw my panocha“, a phrase with which she showed that she did not seem to embarrass her in the least.

Here are the pictures of the funny moment:

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