Lina Tejeiro fulfilled Epa Colombia’s dream and kissed her at her party!

After much insistence, Lina Tejeiro fulfilled Epa Colombia’s dream and kissed her at her birthday party. OMG!

On October 8, the beautiful actress and influencer Lina Tejeiro arrived on the third floor, which is why In addition to making ardent publications on his networks in which he bragged about how good he looks at his age, decided to hold an ostentatious celebration that has been cataloged by many as «the party of the year».

The celebration, held in an exclusive location in Bogotá, was the topic of conversation for thousands of Internet users throughout the weekend, not only because of the incredible decoration it had, but also the select list of guests (including Different figures from the media and networks stood out, such as Luisa Fernanda W, Aída Victoria Merlano, Karen Sevillano, La Jesuu, Juan Pablo Barragán, Rodrigo Candamil, Mabel Moreno, Laura de León, Salomón Bustamante and Epa Colombia.among many others) or the artists who lit up the night with their music, as they did the Niche Group, Pipe Bueno, Marcela Reyes or Greeicy and Mikewell besides this there were curious scenes that left more than one speechless… And is not for less!

The moment in which Lina Tejeiro fulfilled Epa Colombia’s dream and kissed her at her party was captured on video

One of the most commented was the dream that the actress of ‘La ley del corazón’ finally fulfilled for the controversial businesswoman and influencer Epa Colombia, because in a place far from the dance floor, the guests and after many pleas, the actress gave Daneidy a surprise kiss on the mouth.

The moment was captured in a video that the influencer herself shared on Sunday on her Instagram account, in which you can also see that several people witnessed the moment, such as Aída V. Merlano.

Although for many this meant nothing more than a show of affection between the two celebrities, for others it was a completely unusual event, because no one imagined that the actress would come to fulfill the wishes of the Bogotana.

“Noo I imagine Lina’s face today when she remembers that moment I think she should be more sorry 😂😂😂😂 what a brave moral guava!”, “Uy Lina Tejeiro got the homosexualizing ray!”, “He was someone better than andy not someone like that please….🤢🤢🤢”, “What need do they have to give so much praise, “Epa is the male of that party hahaha”, “Hahahaha I can’t believe it”

And Epa’s girlfriend?

Despite the fact that the one in charge of recording the kiss between the celebrities would have been the businesswoman’s own partner, Diana Celis, it seems that she did not like this at all, so they would be fighting. This was revealed by Epa Colombia through stories.

And it seems that the businesswoman not only kissed the actress on that occasion, because while Luisa Fernanda W made a live broadcast, Daneidy could be seen kissing Tejeiro and the influencer La Jesuu. OMG!

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