Life of my lives the new song by Santiago Cruz

The new song by Santiago Cruz has finally arrived at our station and we want to share it with you, who are part of our Vibra Community.

Santi made a strong expectation on his social networks of this new song that will come on his sixth album “Trains, Planes and Interplanetary Travel”.

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“It is a song that tries to summarize what it is supposed to be like in twos on this planet, life after life, the permanent search for growth to be able to give the best of one to the other person”.

Composed by him and in the company of Vincent GarciaSantiago states that «Musically it is a song that has a Caribbean aroma, without being tropical, but with the freshness of the sea, in fact, part of it was written on the highway from Cartagena to Barranquilla.»

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