Life expectancy of geese

Around 3,000 tons of goose meat are produced in Germany every year – more than two thirds of it in the last quarter of the year, when the traditional Martin goose and Christmas goose be on the menu. However, we eat a lot more than that goose meat: The largest proportion does not come from German fattening geese, but is imported from Eastern Europe.

How old can geese get if they are not slaughtered? Our broiler geese are descended from the gray goose, which up to 20 years can get old. The oldest greylag goose found was – judging by the dates on its ring – 26 years old. A normal domestic goose has a life expectancy of approx 15 years go out.

And how long do geese live in intensive livestock farming? The sad fact is that broiler geese max half a year grow old – and even that only applies to the so-called late fattening geese. an ordinary one meat fattening goose just live four monthsso-called fast fattening geese even only two months.