Let’s not lie to each other, the new Santi Cruz (Video)

Santiago Cruz arrives with the video for his recent single «No Let’s Tell Lies» a song that promises success equal to «How Do You Do» that also comes off his album Equilibrio.

Let’s not tell each other lies ¨is a song that describes this critical moment in which one has to sit down with the other person and say let’s not fool ourselves anymore, this is going nowhere. Musically speaking, it is a very emotional song, which in its melody, harmony and arrangement shows the nostalgia and hardness of such a moment, at the time of the solo the electric guitars achieve a very special atmosphere that is felt very strongly in this song, Explain santiago cross.

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The video clip was shot in an old house in ruins in Buenos Aires, Argentinaby the production company LCNPRO under the direction of Emiliano Ciliberti.

Based on Santiago’s idea of ​​looking for a location in ruins, a devastated place, where the end of the relationship would be reflected, we wanted to show the idea of ​​the couple in a terminal situation but that is sustained by some things, with a counterpoint between an abandoned building, in ruins, but with details of objects that give it life, armchairs, lamps, curtains, a guitar. In this way contrasting images were achieved, with a very careful light that highlights Santiago in this situation of heartbreaking ending.

Emiliano proposed abstract metaphorical situations that emphasize this premise, such as a table served and in slow motion to see how everything falls to the floor. Glass and crockery breaking like the couple’s relationship.

Equilibrio, the fifth studio album by Santiago Cruz, It was recorded in Valencia, under the unmistakable production of the Spanish Nacho Mañó, and it comes at a great professional and personal moment for the artist, where, as he himself says, it is not about achieving balance but about his constant search.

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