Let’s celebrate with music the independence of Colombia

On July 20, the Independence of Colombia is commemorated, but at Vibra we live it not only as a historical event, but as a source of pride for the talent that this land has given us.

Shakira is undoubtedly one of our most recognized artists worldwide. Let’s enjoy her music.

Carlos Vives has been a promoter of our folklore for 20 years with his band La Provincia. Here, one of his new songs.

Fonseca has also proposed mixing our folklore with the fresh sounds of pop and electronics.

Andrés Cepeda has made us fall in love with his romantic lyrics. This is one of his most recent songs.

Choc Quib Town has traveled the world showcasing the best of the Colombian Pacific, fusing it with contemporary sounds. Its catchy music invites you to dance.

What is the Colombian artist that fills you with pride?

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