Lemon with cloves: Homemade and natural insect repellent

Insect bites have you desperate? Take note of this home remedy of lemon with cloves, a very useful formula for you and your family.

As we all know, lemon and clove are used in natural medicine to combat different diseases, right? Okay, the well-known lemon is a powerful citrus fruit and clove, like cinnamon, is widely used to cure some conditions.

This is what happens when you combine cloves with lemon

It is very interesting to know that these two elements can help us so much in every way, but you cannot imagine what you will learn next. What happens when you combine these two elements? If you put these two powerful foods together, they form an aroma that serves as a natural repellent for insects and flies.

Before buying insecticides, which in addition to attacking the pest cause a lot of damage to your health and yours, you must make this powerful home remedy and with great effectiveness that is not toxic as are insecticides. You must bear in mind that insects and flies are carriers of diseases and bacteria.

What do you need to make this natural repellent? Only lemons and cloves.


  • Cut two lemons in half
  • Then embed about 7 to 10 cloves in the lemon halves
  • Put them in the main places of your home face up, to repel flies and other insects, this will make them go away

since you know for what is lemon with cloves, tell us what you think of this home remedy and which other would you use to repel insects. Do not forget to share this note on your social networks.

Taken from: Ignisnatura