Learn how to make the hippie crown braid (Tutorial)

We show you how to do the hippie crown braid, like the one worn by actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens at the MTV awards.

The hippie style for hair is back to be placed on the radar thanks to the hairstyle she used during the MTV awards ceremony, the protagonist of High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens. During the gala, held last Sunday in Los Angeles, the artist appeared showing a crown-type braid with a very 70s style.

Her long, curly jet-black hair was the ideal raw material to make the hippie crown braid, the ideal complement for your bohemian dress.

This hairstyle is perfect for weekends, holidays or events where etiquette is not required. Would you like to do it? We found this tutorial where it is explained step by step how to achieve it… Look!

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You dare? Eye, before trying it you have to take into account the length of your hair. Share this note with your friends, and be the most popular in your networks!