Layered haircut for extra volume

If you have fine hair or a small amount, here we give you several ideas of layered haircut to look fabulous.

Without a doubt, wearing your hair in layers is always going to be a good option. That’s why we have some ideas for you with many options for you to choose from so you always feel fantastic and fashionable.

Layered haircut for women

There are different styles of layered haircuts, which will give your face a new look. That is why you can be inspired by these ideas that you will love and that you will love.

Classic Bob Layered Cut

If you like short hair but want to change it up a bit with some layers, you can add volume with short layers. All you have to do is put them on the upper part of the hair and you will see how it seems that you have three times as much hair.

80s style capes

If you don’t like to spend a lot of time organizing your hair, you’re going to love this tousled cut, which not only looks great on you but also gives incredible volume. The layers should be done in the upper part of the hair and in the back, so it will look much more natural.

Midi style with long layers

Hands up girls who are lovers of a classic style. If you like to maintain a «very tender» style, but you want to always look fresh and relaxed, this is your option. You should draw almost imperceptible layers, starting near the end of the root. This way they won’t be obvious, but they will accomplish the goal of showing more hair.

Messy Layers for Striking Faces

If you have your hair below the shoulders, this is the style that suits you best. To give it volume and movement you have to layer absolutely all of your hair, especially in the front area. In this way you frame the face and make the hair look spectacular.

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