Lawn care: the best tips to maintain it

The lawn care They are necessary and important so that your garden always looks beautiful. Factors such as the quality of irrigation and pruning could determine its resistance and durability.

There is one thing that we all admire: a well-kept garden. It is surprising, but these spaces influence the state of mind and are the refuge to have a moment of peace or even to carry out a sports routine.

Natural grass requires all your love, since this is the perfect place to host some plants and/or trees that you want to plant and in the process you will help everyone know how to take care of the soil. We are going to show you the easiest tips so that you have a garden with an enviable lawn at any time of the year:

Natural lawn care

It is important that you know that this type of grass requires care that, if you follow it to the letter, even James Rodríguez himself would give you the go-ahead to play a game there. keep in mind that watering at least 3 times a week is essentialalso that a pruning with deep cleaning of the soil at least every week and until the fumigation to eliminate invasive insects and fungi, are essential for its conservation.

The choice of the type of grass is also vital. For this, you should take into account what type of temperature prevails in the place where you want to locate it, the soil in which you will keep it (if it is muddy or dry) and even the use that you are going to give it, because stepping on it can cause it to burn. or lose its deep green color.

Artificial grass care

Although we have already told you in detail about the care of artificial grass, It is good to remember that its correct cleaning largely depends on its longevity. Regular brushing, watering at least once or twice a month to remove batteries and fungus and the permanent use of sanitizing perfume to avoid bad odors or the proliferation of bugs, are essential to maintain it correctly.

Lawn care month by month

It is logical, but it is not the same to take care of a natural lawn in times of warm temperatures as in times of intense cold. The ideal conditions to take care of the lawn month by month have more to do with planning, than with solving on the fly. Do not allow your lawn to grow too much for any reason, nor do you think of sowing or reseeding it without giving it constant watering and fertilization. In times of extreme heat, hydrate it every day and prevents it from being stepped on excessively.

Winter lawn care

This could be the season of the year when natural grass suffers the most. To avoid damage and/or burns, it would be best to start anticipating once the weather starts to get colderfor this you can take preventive actions such as:

  • Clean the surface with a rake to free it from dry leaves or garbage, as these elements can generate bacteria.
  • Cut it a little. Leave it at least 4 or 5 cm high so that possible frost does not burn it.
  • Be careful with irrigation since the water particles generated by low temperatures will be enough for its hydration. If you see dry grass, water it once a week in the midday hours.
What is the best way to water the lawn?

You should know that the right time to do it is early in the morning, to prevent the water from evaporating quickly and not being able to reach the subsoil. For no reason is it recommended to do it at noon, because the heat will prevent it from draining and only the upper layer can hydrate. Try to do a deep and regular watering, using sprinklers or a hose that reaches good power and distance, for at least 15 minutes. To know if your lawn is well hydrated, it is enough to sink a wooden stick. If it does it easily, it is very wet, if it is somewhat difficult, it is very dry, while if it does not present any resistance, it is in perfect condition.

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