Laura Tobón imposes the fashion of getting married in a bikini

The former beauty queen and television presenter, Laura Tobón, imposes a trend that we predict will soon be imitated by many: getting married in a bikini!

For most women, marriage is the most important day of their lives, not only because it marks a before and after in all aspects, but also because the bride is always the center of attention at any weddingall eyes are on her and her dress!

And that is much more noticeable if the one who is getting married is a famous person, like Laura Tobón, who married businessman Álvaro Rodríguez at the beginning of March 2017 in a small and traditional wedding in Bogota.

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But Laura Tobón had a surprise that left many open-mouthed, and that is that she decided to make another marriage 15 days after the first, this time on the paradisiacal beaches of Tulum, Mexico, and her wedding dress was none other than a revealing bikini…Ahhhhhhhhh? And it was spectacular! Look…

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Would you be able to get married in a bikini or a bathing suit? Write the answer to this question in the comments of this note, and share it on your networks! Your friends will love to speculate on this wedding dress theme, we all like to talk about it!

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