Laura Pausini sings a duet with Juan Gabriel, today’s birthday

Juan Gabriel celebrates his 66th birthday with a new album, where he sings a duet with singers like Laura Pausini…

Mexican singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel, who achieved fame with songs like i forgot again, With your love, the faker Y Eternal lovein addition to receiving various awards for his successful career, celebrates his 66th birthday this Thursday with the promotion of his album Los dúo 2.

For said material, “El divo de Juárez” recorded 16 songs alongside youth music figures and performers with extensive experience. Among the songs are I wanted to forget you a duet with Alejandro Fernández; I remember you with Mark Anthony.

were also recorded I remember you sweetly with Andres Calamaro; I still love you with Belinda; tears and rain with Joan Sebastian; I don’t know what happened to me with Carlos Rivera; I already know that you are leaving with Franco de Vita; soul love with Jose Feliciano; Y Dying of love with Miguel Poveda.

Other cuts that were included in the second album of duets are full moon with David Bustamante; I forgive you with Ana Gabriel; I know it’s in your heart with Carla Morrison and I do not have money with Wisin; the first single from this album is Border next to Julión Álvarez and J. Balvin.

In this album we find a musical jewel that you cannot miss, the theme Hug me very tightin duet with Laura Pausini…

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