Laura Moreno from the Colmenares case, prepares for her marriage!

Laura Moreno was in the crosshairs of the entire country for the Colmenares case, now she is dedicated to her wedding preparations but in absolute reserve.

Laura Moreno was involved in the process for the death of the young Luis Andrés Colmenares, a student at the Universidad de los Andes. Both Laura and Jessy Quintero became famous for the case and managed to capture the attention of all the media.

For six years, those involved were in a coming and going with the Colmenares family, while some wanted to prove that it was an accident, the others claimed that it was a murder. In the end, after going through several hearings with Jessy, the two were acquitted of all charges.

Little by little, the two young women moved away from the media and apparently managed to recover their private life. However, Laura was again in the spotlight when the news leaked that she was going to marry a young Ecuadorian on March 23 in Villa de Leyva, Boyacá.

Although the details are unknown, several close people have assured that Laura is focused on all the preparations for her wedding, but she has not confirmed or denied anything for now.

What do you think of everything that happened in the Colmenares Case?

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With information from: Pulse