Laura Mayolo and Juan Manuel Medina sing Alegría a cappella

These ex-members of the Mojito Lite group are back more recharged than ever! The singers Laura Mayolo and Juan Manuel Medina they sing to Alegría, their daughter, who almost didn’t have that name!

Mojito Lite was one of the most successful Colombian groups in our country during the 2010s, with unforgettable songs like If it bothers you Y I take care of myself, to name just a couple of his themes. The group temporarily disbanded in 2019, after Laura and Juan divorced in 2016.

However, life surprised them and their fans when after almost three years of divorce, Laura and Juan decided to give themselves a new opportunity as a couple and artists. As a result of that reconciliation, not only new music emerged, but also the couple’s first daughter.

Laura Mayolo and Juan Manuel Medina tell us details of the new stage of their relationship

After the premiere of Happinessthe couple’s new song dedicated to the daughter they are expecting together, the couple decided to tell announcers David Rodríguez and Nataly Gabanzo some details of their relationship, how they composed their new song and even the difficulties that they had to overcome to choose the name of their daughter.

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