Laura Londoño’s daughter was born. Welcome Michaela!

The wait is over for the actress. Already Laura Londoño’s daughter was born and in social networks they fill her with congratulations.

The arrival of a new human being in the world is always a reason for party and celebration, and that is what actress Laura Londoño, famous for her character as Gaviota in the updated version of the telenovela, is experiencing today. Woman-fragranced coffeewhich aired in 2021.

Laura found out that she was pregnant precisely during the recording of said production, according to what she herself said, because she began to notice problems with the wardrobe, because the clothes from one moment to the next no longer fit her.

How many children does actress Laura Londoño have?

Laura Londoño has two daughters: Allegra Mora Londoño, who was born in 2019, and Micaela, born in February 2022. She has been married since 2018 to the filmmaker Santiago Mora Bahamón, the father of her two little girls.

Laura Londoño’s daughter was born and she already showed it on her Instagram

The beautiful paisa gave her followers the good news through her official Instagram account londonotlaura.

“Now yes, the glamorous photos are over for a good while. Now it’s coming, it’s beautiful.»

She wrote next to a photograph from the clinic stretcher and with Micaela in her arms, undoubtedly referring to the hard work of being a mother.

Immediately the comments were filled with congratulations and blessings for the mother.

«Finally ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥 congratulations beautiful»

«Neeee love expands beautiful, congratulations to the family.»

“Congratulations to Santi, Allegra and the most affectionate and warm hug for you, my precious Lau!!!!😍😍😍😍 welcome the little one😍”

“Reborn as Mom! What a joy Lau!!!!!”

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