Laura Bozzo posed in a bathing suit and seems to want to make peace in Mexico

The host Laura Bozzo posed in a swimsuit of Animal Print in a photograph taken in Mexico and some fans praise her, while others believe that she wants to «unload» her.

«Miss Laura» is one of the most recognized characters in Peru and throughout the American continent thanks to her extensive experience on television in spaces that marked a milestone Laura in America, Laura of all Y Laura uncensored.

The controversial Peruvian presenter who had to apologize to Mexico after despising them in the past, after the publication of some audios in which she would have insulted her workers, followers and the country itself, seems to want to get closer to her audience again and leave in he forgot this impasse.

Laura posted a very striking photograph in which she shows her pleasure at being in Mexican lands. Her followers had mixed opinions, as some pondered her slender figure while others continue to question her.

Laura Bozzo posed in a bathing suit and divided her followers

It is not a novelty, since Laura Bozzo had already shown her figure on other occasions through Instagram. This time, her image caused a furor because some took it as a wink to apologize to Mexican fans. The photograph was accompanied by the phrase “For me, the sea is my life, having the privilege of being in Acapulco, my greatest blessing, always grateful to God for being alive, never forget that you reap what you sow.”

Thus, his followers were divided between those who praised his beauty and those who questioned his actions at another time in his life:

“You sow what you reap… Ha”

“An apology to Mexico??”

“Beautiful as always❤️”

«To enjoy ! Good vibes ❤️💚”

“And that model… Beautiful Laura 🔥🔥”

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