Laura Acuña’s son’s private party surprised in networks

Laura Acuña’s children attract attention on social networks and this time it was no exception for this small detail.

It turns out that Nicolás Kling, the youngest son of Laura Acuña, celebrated his birthday number one. The funny thing was that unlike the celebration of Helena Kling, the presenter’s other daughter, this event was completely private. On this occasion there were no other characters from the show business and in the photos only Laura appeared with the two little ones.

For this reason, the presenter’s followers did not hesitate to start commenting on the subject. Several assured that Laura was once again very far from the world of entertainment. While other people mentioned that perhaps the celebration had not been so ostentatious due to the recent death of Jota Mario Valencia.

These were some of the photos shared by Laura Acuña for her son’s birthday:

How about the photos shared by Laura Acuña from Nicolás’s first year?

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