Laura Acuña’s secret to have baby skin

Have you seen what is the Laura Acuna’s secret to have baby skin? That was the question they asked her on networks and she answered! Look…

This bumanguesa is one of the most traditional entertainment presenters on Colombian television; during the time she worked on the morning show Very good days Along with his great friend, the late Jota Mario Valencia, he was one of the most viewed faces on the national small screen.

Laura Acuña’s secret to preserve her skin

Although at times this lawyer dedicated to journalism has been strongly criticized on social networks for allegedly publishing photos that are too retouched and with filters, there are many who praise her skin and ask her for advice on how to prevent premature aging.

And it was precisely one of his followers on Instagram who asked him the following question…

“Laurita, you have always been my great admiration for 15 years, today I would like to know what you do to your face so that you do not get wrinkles, since you look like a teenager”

One of her followers wrote in the comments, alluding to the following…

«So cute. Creams, it’s a bit genetic and @dr.hamilton”

Laura herself answered.

And who is Dr. Hamilton?

According to his social networks, he is an expert surgeon in anti-aging medicine; so yes, genetics helps, creams too, but the hand of experts is essential, as she herself makes clear in her words.

How old is Laura Acuna?

This Colombian presenter was born in the city of Bucaramanga on June 15, 1982; that means that at the time of publication of this note (January 2021) she is 38 years old.

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