Laura Acuña’s new mask that everyone wants to have!

Many ask where they can get one just like it! Laura Acuña’s new mask that everyone wants to have.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen how different devices emerge every day that help care against COVID-19, like the antifluid suits (same as Carmen Villalobos)face masks with filters, glasses-shaped masks, among others.

Each seems to offer safety, comfort, and even style; however, recently the model and presenter Laura Acuña showed a new face mask that caused a sensation among her fans.

Laura Acuña’s new mask that everyone wants to have

In short stories shared on her Instagram account, the presenter explained that this mask helps her take care of herself on set without ruining her makeup (like conventional face masks), because it is in transparent plastic and does not fill with steam. It also covers it from the nose to the bottom of the chin.

Although it seems to be a great alternative for girls who want to carry their makeup without problems, this device does not protect 100%because Laura herself showed that she has spaces between her cheeks that could let the virus pass, for which the use of a normal face mask underneath is necessary.

Here the mask of the presenter:

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