Laura Acuña’s dress generated hundreds of criticisms

Laura Acuña’s dress gave a lot to talk about during the broadcast of Miss Universe 2018. While some liked it, others did not stop criticizing it.

The RCN presenter and her children have recently given much to talk about. First it was because of the comparison of her son Nicolás de ella with Juan Manuel Santos and then because of a retouch that they made on the cover photo of Aló magazine. This time she received criticism for the outfit she wore during the Miss Universe pageant. Look at the photo:

Apart from the dress, Laura Acuña also received criticism for her way of presenting. Some commented that her transmission was weak, that it was a lump of salt and that they did not understand why they put her to present the contest. Look at the criticism they made for her dress:

So rich for Laura Acuña that they let her work in her pajamas.

— Pineapple🍍 (@Pinneaple__) December 17, 2018

Laura Acuña, go change into those Tutina pajamas. How she presents herself by showing us the Beauty Contest next to women dressed with luxury and good taste.

– Gustavo Correa C. (@jgustavocorrea) December 17, 2018

Laura Acuña looks like a raisin in that dress…

– Andrés Hernández (@AndresCamiloHR) December 17, 2018

Laura Acuña’s dress resembles Tutina’s when she received the Pope. Horrible.

– Julio Chaparro (@ingandres00) December 17, 2018

I don’t know if Laura Acuña has a dress or has gift paper and a bow tie

– Miguel Medrano (@m_m_5321356) December 16, 2018

That Laura Acuña dress is uglier than Miss Venezuela

— ALP (@Ana_Londono_P) December 17, 2018

I insist, that Laura Acuña rag that is so ugly.

– ReinaK👑 (@gazhinita) December 17, 2018

Laura Acuña liked the bright pajama look a la Hugh Hefner since her first pregnancy…

— Karmilla Ankhiara (@KarmaAnkhiara) December 17, 2018

The worst dress of the night goes to…Laura Acuña’s, WHAT A BASUUUUURAAAAAA!!! #MissUniverse

— BUCKY (@DavidJarcore) December 17, 2018

Well, among other things, Laura Acuña is divine, but that little outfit doesn’t work.

— K (@IntensmenteKet) December 17, 2018

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