Laura Acuña made a forceful change of look

Laura Acuna She decided to make a change of look that surprised her followers, but they themselves were the ones who assured that she looked more beautiful.

Without a doubt, Laura Acuña is one of those famous Colombians who is always in the sights of many people. That is why everything she does of her on social networks attracts attention, in addition she tries to be very connected with her followers and this time she surprised them with a striking change of look.

Laura Acuña said goodbye to the blonde and started to have a different shade of hair

It turns out that the presenter decided to post a video on her Instagram account where she appeared saying that after much thought she wanted to color her life. For that reason, she herself dyed her hair a slightly darker shade than she had been wearing years ago.

Laura accompanied the recording with a text in which she assured “I didn’t feel capable, until I did it! I want to share my experience to have renewed hair from home (…) It motivated me to do this color change at home and with complete peace of mind”. In addition, I challenge his followers to dare to do what scares them “I tell you that I am happy. I feel renewed. And you for when”.

As expected, the video received more than 390 thousand reproductions, thousands of «likes» and comments where several people assured that she looked much more beautiful and younger.

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