Laisa de Los Reyes now has a musical show

Laise of The Kings, the classic RCN novel, was a character played by Endry Cardeño. Now we know another talent that he had hidden.

When this novel was released, back in 2005, it caused a stir for its unforgettable characters; among them perhaps the most controversial was Laisaa trans girl who fell in love with the neighbor.

Endry Cardeño was in charge of embodying this character, which won the hearts of Colombians. Even today, more than 15 years after the broadcast of said production, it continues to give people something to talk about.

This is Laisa’s show from The Kings

What we didn’t know is that Endry had a hidden talent: tremendous musical show. On her Instagram account you can see a version of I take care of myself in his unique stylelook…

Many were the favorable comments it received, however, others took it upon themselves to criticize her bodyto which he responded with obvious forcefulness in a story.

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