Lady of the night, care for this beautiful plant

The lady of the night needs some care basic so you can take advantage of its delicious aroma, we tell you what it is.

Lady of the night or also known as the gallant of the night, stands out for being a bush with a pleasant aroma when its flowers open. That is why it is very common to find it in different gardens, because its fragrance is very particular, intense and delicious.

Caring for a lady-at-night bush

It’s time to learn how to take care of that beautiful lady of the night plant. That is why in this note you will learn the proper way to care for this bush and get the most out of its delicious aroma.

How the skunk is watered

The dama de noche is characterized by its ability to adapt to almost any type of soil, the important thing is that it has good drainage. However, you should know that watering should be done every three days in summer and twice a week in winter. Remember that too much moisture will cause the leaves to turn brown, while too little water will cause the leaves to drop.

When is the lady of the night pruned, care and tips

Ideally, after flowering, its branches should be pruned to prevent the bush from being damaged. By removing branches, leaves and withered flowers this will allow the lady of the night to continue to grow healthy and strong.

How much sun does the castro need?

This shrub does not withstand low temperatures very well, so during frosty season it is better to remain sheltered. However, it is important that you know that it should not receive direct sunlight either because it will be very difficult for it to flower and therefore you will not perceive its characteristic fragrance.

What type of substrate does the lady of the night need for its care

The lady of the night does not need a specific type of soil, it is only enough that the soil is not very compact but that it is a light soil with good drainage.

What pests affect the lady of the night?

The pests that most affect these shrubs are aphids, flies and red spiders. If you see the affected leaves, it is likely that it has suffered some type of attack from these pests. That is why it is important that not only the lady of the night is subscribed but also that you take care of her with insecticides.

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