‘La Segura’ now as an actress? Yes and she will debut her on Netflix

‘The Safe’ She surprised her followers with news that no one expected, she will make her debut as an actress in a movie called «Chichipatos» on Netflix.

Nathalia Segura, better known on social networks as «La Segura», left more than one with their mouths open when she announced that a Netflix movie would be part of the cast of «Chichipatos». Through her Instagram account, where the influencer has more than 7 million followers, she recounted the entire process that she had to go through to finally be accepted into the production.

‘La Segura’ premieres as an actress in a Netflix film

The woman from Cali told her followers that after having passed three filters that the casting of the Colombian production required, she was accepted. In addition, she confessed that one of her dreams was to be an actress and that is why she took advantage of the opportunity that life had given her. «All my life, since I was little, I had dreamed of being an actress, so I said ‘I have to cry’, so in the third filter I broke it with crying».

However, she also gave other details in which, very emotionally, she reported that she had had to send three videos to the production and then had to improvise in the last part of the casting. ‘La Segura’ also told her followers that they would be able to see a video on her social networks where she was going to tell many details about this process that led her to be in ‘Chichipatos’, which premieres next 30 of April. She will share the set there with actors such as Antonio Sanint, Chichila Navia, Lina Tejeiro and Jacques Toukhmanian, among others.

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