La Guzmán «In the Front Row»

Today the long-awaited record material of the Mexican went on sale Alejandra Guzman “La Guzmán – In the Front Row”full of hits unreleased songs and many more surprises.

The artist shows her fans another face that they did not know, with a more personal and intimate touch that with her interpretations make this work a unique material.

This work was carried out in the month of August of this 2013 at the Churubusco Studios in Mexico City, before hundreds of admirers and colleagues who wanted to participate in this project as well as a highly talented rock band, under the artistic direction was Paul Foratmusical director George Noriega beside Tim Mitchell and as a video director, Nahuel Lerena.

«THE GUZMAN» (as she is known by her public and the media) With that heartbreaking voice, extraordinarily gifted to transmit emotions, and her overflowing energy, they have made her become the most important female singer in Mexico. Her disagreement with the established and her defiant personality have become, without a doubt, her main lines of action.

With more than 15 million records sold in his prolific career THE GUZMAN She has earned the title of “The Queen of Rock”, thanks to her 25-year career and the more than 15 recorded albums. THE GUZMAN she carved a solid path in the complex music industry and, at the same time, managed to pave the way for other women who have ventured into the complicated world of music.

For the recording of «IN THE FRONT ROW»his new production, THE GUZMAN He was accompanied by great friends, musicians and artists from different countries and musical genres, these characters -without a doubt- give a very particular touch to each of the songs in which they participate. Fonseca, Beatriz Luengo, Draco and Dani Martin They are in charge of accompanying THE GUZMAN on this beautiful journey called «IN THE FRONT ROW».

Also THE GUZMAN received a big surprise when he saw himself sharing the stage with the Mexican singer and songwriter mario dommwithout a doubt one of her great accomplices who has accompanied her for much of her successful career, giving this album a touch of intimacy and remembrance.

Alejandra Guzmán – My worst mistake

“LA GUZMÁN – IN THE FIRST ROW” contains the songs:

1. Like Thieves
2. I will love again
3. Take it off Ft Beatriz Luengo
4. I’m Nobody’s Ft Fonseca
5. Forever Beautiful
6. I was waiting for you
7. Even if you lie to me Ft Dani Martin
8. For me
9. Love You Again Ft Mario Domm
10. Since You Left
11. All Along The Watchtower Ft Draco Rosa
12. My Worst Mistake
13. Make Love With Another
14. Look at her, look at him
15. Free

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