La Barbie assures that Epa Colombia fought with her ex for Lina Tejeiro

A former friend of the influencer made a confession on social networks and assured that Epa Colombia fought with his ex for Lina Tejeiro… Aaaaah?

The friendship between La Barbie and the influencer Epa Colombia, would have allegedly ended due to the latter’s relationship with his new girlfriend, Karol Samantha, and, at the time, the trans influencer threatened to sink her if she spoke ill of her. She, well, now she began to speak, and caused a stir with her statements.

According to her ex-friend, Epa Colombia was fighting with her ex for Lina Tejeiro

The Colombian Barbie activated the «ask me something» function on her Instagram account and when her followers began to question her about Epa Colombia, she had no problem answering various issues related to the two of them. She said, among other things, that the products cost 2,500 pesos for the keratin businesswoman.

He also confirmed that Epa did have biopolymers. Furthermore, when asked if something had happened between Daneidy and actress Lina Tejeiroconfessed something that surprised more than one.

“She is very intense, very tired. She has him… well, he dreamed and got wet for her, and even got to fight with Diana over that issue. It is that she is very tired.”

The Barbie assured.

Also, when asked about professional soccer player Diana CelisEpa’s ex-partner, clarified that they got along very well, that he seemed like a very good person and that he hoped he would continue fighting and giving it all.

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