Kimberly Reyes would have published hint about their alleged separation

The actress Kimberly Reyes would have published indirect on her Instagram account after learning that she had allegedly ended her marriage to Federico Severini.

Kimberly Reyes and her husband Federico Severini have been in the eye of the hurricane for allegedly having separated again, since the couple would have given themselves some time in 2020. Now, various media assure that they are no longer together; I know everything He assured that a source close to the famous reported that the separation is a fact.

However, neither of them has confirmed or denied this information. In fact, the rumors also arose among the couple’s followers, who realized that for almost the entire month of December 2021, neither of them shared content together; they also spent Christmas and New Year separately.

Kimberly Reyes would have published indirect for alleged separation

Apparently, given the rumors spread in the networks and media, Kimberly decided to respond with a hint. It is a story that she shared on her Instagram, an obituary-type video in English, in which she talks about relationships and soul mates.

“If soul mates exist, they don’t meet, they are made. People meet, they connect, and then they have to build a relationship.”

He says, words more, words less, of the audiovisual piece.

Let us remember that Kimberly’s followers have repeatedly questioned the stability of her marriage and even her husband’s sexuality, such as when she had to clarify that she is not gay after insistent questions from her fans in a dynamic of questions and answers that she did in her Instagram account with Aida Victoria Merlano.

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