Kimberly Reyes’ mom on Instagram stole the show

To Kimberly Reyes’ mom on Instagram He was tongue-tied in a hilarious way and stole the show on his beautiful daughter’s Instagram stories.

The relationship between mothers and daughters can become very close. For many of us, our mother is more than the giver of life, deserving of our respect and devotion; she is, on the contrary, our best friend and confidantthat person whom we know we can trust with our eyes closed.

This is how Kimberly Reyes’ mother made us laugh on Instagram

The relationship between actress Kimberly Reyes and her mother is very close. Her name is Elizabeth Hernández and her celebrity followers say that she inherited her spectacular figure from her. Let’s remember that mother and daughter stole more than one heart through the famous TikTok account, where both appeared dancing in a very sensual way.

Now, Doña Elizabeth once again stole all the eyes of her daughter’s followers, this time for her tongue twister skills, or rather, by his complete lack of talent for it. But what he lacks in skill, he makes up for in charisma! Look…

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