Kimberly Reyes broke her silence and spoke about her separation

through stories, Kimberly Reyes broke her silence and spoke about her separation with Federico Severini.

During the last weeks, the beautiful model, actress and presenter from Barranquilla has not ceased to be a recurring topic of conversation on social networks due to her current sentimental situation, because after living a romantic marriage with businessman Federico Severini since 2016, it seems that the relationship experienced a strong crisis, which is why they decided to put an end to it.

This was confirmed by the actress herself recently after the intense rain of speculation that her evident estrangement had been generating, because through a dynamic in stories where one of her followers asked her if she had separated, without giving further explanations, the Barranquilla woman said yes.

Kimberly Reyes broke her silence and talked about her separation from Federico Severini

Of course, the reactions of his followers did not wait, so at every opportunity they have tried to investigate the reasons that would lead the couple to end their love.

In this regard, the woman from Barranquilla had preferred to remain silent and reserve any type of explanation, however, before the incessant wave of questions, she finally decided to approach the subject in a way that she considered to be «the healthiest».

Well, in a question-and-answer activity from their fans, one of them asked if «they had made friends with their ex», to which Reyes replied:

“I preferred to answer this question because I think it is the healthiest of all… Everything is fine, we are friends, we get along super well, we love each other very much and everything has been super healthy, super friendly, there is no problem, there is no gossip… We just decided to leave things like that and that’s it.»

Later, he denied some rumors that claimed that their relationship had apparently ended due to alleged infidelity, flatly denying this version.

Here his words:

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