Kim Kardashian jealous of her sister?

Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian, who is one of the most ardent and exuberant socialites of the international show, could be jealous of her sister Kendall Jenner for her recent appearances in magazines, overshadowing her for a few moments.

And it is that according to a source close to the businesswoman, Kim is very upset because Kendall has the same popularity as her. “Kim will never admit that she is jealous of Kendall. However, he spends his time telling her and her family that they are rich and famous because of her.“, detailed the informant.

According to the site Hollywood LifeKim resents not being the center of attention, which is why whenever she hears about a new project or campaign of her little sister, she doesn’t get excited and tries to become the main topic: “Amazing Kendall! I remember when I did such a thing or when they offered me such a project”.

The insider said that Kim is bothered that Kendall shine with its own light and that it has become an international model; so at every opportunity the most famous of the Kardashian clan tries to minimize the successes of the young woman, who in recent weeks has been linked once again to Justin Bieber.

Check out these photos of Kim and Kendall and tell us who you think is more beautiful, here.

Taken from 2esMas