Kim Kardashian and the bad thing about being an «RCN» (Blonde-Cuqui-Black)

Now that Kim Kardashian is «RCN», we reveal the bad thing about having the hair on the head of a different color than the rest of the body.

When a woman who has naturally very dark hair decides to go blonde, it’s quite a sight, and if that person is a famous celebrity, like Kim Kardashian, it stops internet traffic and fills social networks with her photos. But what nobody stops to think about is the challenges of having only blonde head hair. A few days later, the new blondes realize the bad side of his decision.

Here are the worst drawbacks you face Kim Kardashian and all RCN (Do you remember what those acronyms mean? Blonde-Cuqui-Black!) when they are peliteñidas:


If your hair is very dark, you will notice that when you dye it youyour black eyebrows will stand out more on your face; Many women prefer to dye their eyebrows (a practice not recommended due to the risk of chemicals for the eyes) and others prefer to lighten them with makeup.

The roots

Until a procedure is invented to change our DNA and make our hair grow a different color, we will have to deal with the horrible roots; the darker you are and the blonder you have become, the more they are noticeable. To do? Some women dye them punctually every 15 days, but there are also special shampoos that tint the color or henna-based treatments, which can give you a little time between visits to the salon.

the intimate parts

If you are not one of those who go completely bald over there, sooner or later your partner will see that you are not a natural blonde. Some hairs are bleached, even the intimate ones, but the sensitivity of the skin in that area makes it a careful job. The best thing you can do is be honest and openly say that you are a Blond-Kinky-Black.

finish orange-haired

with the washes blonde hair starts to turn orange, and that can be a disaster. To avoid this, you can use specialized color care products, such as shampoo for blonde hair and masks, but you must bear in mind that they are expensive. A whole rentique!

The worst, the green hair!

If you got pissed just before going for a walk to Melgar or Girardot, you will only be able to put your feet in the pool, because contact with the chlorine in the water will turn your hair into a nightmare in the style of the Grinch (green). What you can do is swim in a river or in the sea (even if it is a little further away) or fake a terrible colic to stay reading on the shore while everyone splashes.

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