Kathy Sáenz and Sebastián Martínez revealed with an emotional message that they are going to be «grandparents»

Through their social networks, Kathy Saenz and Sebastian Martinez They revealed that they are going to be happy «grandparents».

A few days ago the couple caught the attention of their millions of followers because Kathy turned 50 and Sebastian celebrated them in style. However, this time they drew attention because in their networks they confessed that they were preparing to be grandparents.

Kathy Sáenz and Sebastián Martínez prepare to be happy «grandparents»

Those who closely follow the actress learned that approximately five months ago a mare had come into her life that was used for work. The surprise of the couple was that when they found out that she was pregnant «We set ourselves the task of feeding her well, with supplements and good grass, total rest, in order to help her calf to be born well, without problems and well fed».

That is why on her official Instagram account, Kathy dedicated a beautiful message where she assured “This beautiful foal that was born yesterday at midnight, in the midst of peace and love from her mother and her environment. He made us grandparents, we share with you this great happiness”. then added “I have loved horses since I was little, they have healed me, liberated me, and have connected me with a very beautiful and special part of me, they have connected me with compassion, true and selfless love. Thank you my Feather for having arrived with so many gifts”.

Of course, Sebastián was not far behind either and left a message in the publication that delighted more than one “What a beautiful moment! Thank you for showing me love through animals.». The publication already has almost more than 10 thousand ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments congratulating the happy «grandparents».

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