Karol G’s transparent dress that left nothing to the imagination

Carol G She appeared in a transparent dress that left nothing to the imagination, as her thong was visible and she was without a bra.

These days, Karol G has been in the sights of his followers for all the controversy that Anuel and Yailin’s relationship has generated. However, the singer does not stop attracting attention and this time it was because of her striking outfit that she left absolutely nothing to her imagination.

Karol G’s transparent dress reveals her thong and causes a sensation

Since the release of her new song, Karol G has her eyes on her because many already want to know what the singer’s next step will be. However, while her song ‘Mami’ is still a hit, she decided to attend Drake’s private party with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars after the game. superbowl.


The paisa wore a transparent dress where only her thong was visible and many noticed that she did not have a bra either, so they classified as “daring and quite sexy” the outfit. However, they did not fail to mention that now where Karol G arrives, he becomes the center of attention because he is going through his best moment.


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